Cool, calm, and collected.
Loves goat curry and Ferrero Rocher. 


A sushi enthusiast and lover of the outdoors.
Nerds out on camera tech and enjoys traveling.


A true Southern Gentleman.
Always fun, always respectful.
Heck, you might even forget he's taking photos - that is, until you see the breathtaking images he creates.


A supportive helper who wears a lot of hats in the studio.
Always looks for ways to serve people. Desires to help people make their dreams come true and bring the best out of the Team at Filmtwist.

Studio Editor / Assistant Manager

Powerful action, soaring music. resonant voices. For the past few years I've helped create the perfect mold of a video presentation for every clients' mission and desire as the Chief Video Editor of Filmtwist.

Chief Editor

Tien has spent the past 8 years with Filmtwist, honing his filmmaking skills and helping clients bring their vision to the screen.
He enjoys the collaborative process, working with clients to tell their stories in creative ways, exceed their funding goals, and broaden their market visibility.

Studio Manager / Chief Cinematographer

Deepa has worked in a variety of industries with a variety of clients from Multi-billion dollar Real Estate Developers to Fortune 500 Tech Companies;
He brings leadership and management experience in Operations, Producing and Project Management and uses creative content for the purpose of invoking change and self-discovery in organizations throughout the world.

Managing Director / Owner